• I have been a patient of Dr. Vanda's since 2010. Although two years may not seem significant, what is significant is that before Dr. Vanda, I was terrified of Chiropractors. I did not understand the training and medical knowledge that chiropractors posses due to their rigorous education. What changed for me is that I started running and training for distance races and started to feel that my body was out of alignment. I had pain in my hips and struggled to maintain a healthy stride, which is essential in running. Dr. Vanda was recommended to me through a friend who had seen chiropractors her whole life and although I was very weary, I made an appointment. 

    Dr. Vanda's professional manner immediately put me at ease. She explained everything that she was going to do after a thorough discussion and initial check. I was so nervous before my first adjustment that she even used a teddybear first to show me exactly how she was going to adjust me. (The teddybear is for child patients haha). And then she adjusted me. It was amazing to feel my body realign and the second I stepped back down on the floor, I felt like my feet were fully touching the ground again and my system was connected.

    I now see Dr. Vanda regularly and recommend Chiropractic to everyone I know. Her trained touch has allowed to me to train and run competitively for almost two years now. Since I started seeing Dr. Vanda, I understand my system better as a whole and can feel when it's time for an adjustment due to wear and tear. Now a nightmare for me is travelling away from Dr. Vanda and her office - it's amazing how one's perspective can change in the right, amazingly trained hands.

    ~Emily J.
  • I have suffered from lower and upper back pain my whole life as I have a damaged spine from birth. I always accepted it as something that cannot be helped much and will only get worse with age. I have seen various doctors in UK and always used physiotherapy exercises to manage the pain.

    However, I never imagined that I could live totally pain free. A while back, the pain was getting a lot worse and to the point where it wasn’t really bearable anymore, that is when my friend suggested I should see Dr Vanda Corbett.
    I never known anything about Chiropractic and so didn’t expect much, but decided that the situation cannot get much worse so might as well give it a try. Well, I have been seeing Dr Vanda for about 5 month now and I am living my life completely pain free! This is something I never believed is even possible. From finally getting a full night’s sleep, as there is no pain to wake me up, to playing active sports, it has changed my life. I also have much more overall freedom of movement in my body which I didn’t even realise I was lacking before.

    Furthermore, and what has completely bewildered me, she has taken away my migraines. As someone who use to suffer from strong migraines frequently, I still find it hard to believe that they are gone.
    Apart from being a great doctor, Dr Vanda is a very warm, welcoming and nurturing person and it is always such a pleasure to see her.

    ~ Elizabeth T.
  • Hi, I'm Dr. Vanda's patient. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for the past 5 years.When I got married, I cudn't even imagine being pregnant with my back problem. That's when I started my search and was very lucky to find Dr.Vanda. I started going to her in my last trimester when most women experience back pain irrespective of whether they had it before or not.

    Dr.Vanda proved to be the right choice for me.She helped me alot with my pain and I was amazed to see that I was even better than other pregnant women in their last trimester who never had back pain before.I hope reading my comments would make other women aware that they have an option of living a better quality life which is pain free.  

    ~Hina A.
  • There is no doubt that I have benefited from Dr Vanda's continued care. I have been impressed by her expert attention and kind, gentle manner - even when my conditions have been painful. I am so glad I found her!

    Thank you for making my life a lot easier!  

    ~Cathie D.

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